Our Farm

About Us

North Acres Farm is a completely sustainable and regenerative family owned and operated farm!

We are proud to be able to raise high-quality products as well as promoting healthy soil.

Cover Crops

What is a cover crop? Cover crops are plants that are planted to help protect and cover the soil rather than be harvested.

We utilize cover crops on our crop fields to increase the organic matter in the soil and to capture and hold excess nutrients in the ground, raise the soils moisture holding capacity, and to decrease run off and erosion.

We also use the cover crops as additional grazing ground for our sheep and cattle as a part of our pasture rotation.

No-Till Farming

No-till farming is a technique of planting without tilling the ground first. By utilizing no-till, we are able to decrease the amount of erosion and run off in our fields.

Hay & Row Crops

We grow and make our own hay and straw as well as farm and harvest our own row crops such as wheat, corn, and soybeans! The straw is used for bedding and the hay is fed to our animals. Once the row crops are harvested, we store some and grind it into our high-quality feed that is fed to our cattle and pigs throughout the year.

Our Animals

Did you know we raise our animals from start to finish?

Our animals are bred and born right on our farm and able to live as natural as possible. Our sheep and cattle live on pasture and are rotationally grazed to prevent erosion and overgrazing as well as naturally fertilize their pastures. The pigs live in large wooded pastures where they are able to root and wallow- just as they love to do!