About us

In the spring of 2020, Brandon and Katie met! Together, they gutted and fixed up the old yellow farmhouse that was located on Brandon’s family farm. This old yellow farmhouse had been built in 1911 and had definitely seen better days, but this was the original house to the property- which the previous owners had called ‘North Acres Farm’. Brandon had been raising purebred Yorkshire hogs and Katie was eager to jump in and help. Katie had really taken a liking to the hogs and began to sell bulk, custom-processed pork to the local community.

In August of 2021, Brandon and Katie got married and then in March of 2022, Myron was born! In the midst of their growing family, Brandon and Katie began thinking of ways to support their family and raise their son with the same hard work ethic and morals that they were.

In June of 2022, the Troy’s began to sell their nutritious pork as retail cuts and then expanded to offer lamb and beef as well!

The Troy’s are proud to be family owned and to continue North Acres Farm by providing the local community with quality food.